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SkyWalker team of two inspecting and repairing loose louvres today.
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SkyWalker Rope Access offers a multi-disciplinary, fulltime workforce to the construction, mining, energy and utilities industries. Specializing in construction, inspection, and maintenance services involving difficult access and height safety.
Timber decking restoration.
Our guys working through the weekend to complete this glass panel installation.
Superstar Arthur completing aircon duct silicon sealing.
SkyWalker completing another fantastic high rise glass replacement.
Smoke Screen Completion.
Facade Maintenance.
Water Leak Repairs.
Facade Inspection. 🌞
Sunday Signage Installation.
SkyWalker #2017bestnine. What a year it was! 2018 will be even bigger and better. Hope everyone is having a great New Year πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Leak detection.
Facade Inspection
Timber Structure Painting.
Facade and Sunshade Painting. That balance though πŸ‘Œ
Banner Installation
Glass Replacement.
Soffit Replacement.
Wilbur the Wildcat πŸ€ 
The stunt season is back πŸ˜‰
Confined Space Aircon Duct Silicon Sealing.
Paint preparation pressure washing.
Two of our finest technician's have concluded the pressure wash and have now commenced window cleaning on St George's Anglican Grammer School this week.
Rope Access Technician or Professional Photographer?
Facade Services
Access Solutions 
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Facade Maintenance
Sign and Banner Skin Install - Perth
Aid Climbing - Riverton
Enough said
Aid Climbing - Perth Airport
Banner Skin Replacement - Perth CBD
Wilbur Entry - Perth Stadium
Perth Arena - Stunts - Wildcats Crew Danny Nathan Daniel Terewa Ihaia Shane
Hauling Banners - Wildcats Squad
Access Solutions - Fremantle
Hauling roof sheets - Boddington
Pressure washing - Perth CBD
A rope tech's office view
Doing what others can't - All day, every day. Perth CBD
Construction clean - Perth CBD
Always on a high - Burswood James Gottlieb Robin Mothersdale Jacko Shane Jackson Paul Anderson
Flashing installation - Saving the day at Burswood
Canopy re-glaze - Perth CBD
Another day, another rig. Perth CBD
Canopy Glass Install
Sign install
Crane maintenance
Leak detection
Painting on rope
Climbing over
Sign installation
Sign inspection
Confined Space Ducting Construction
Digital sign relocation
Aid climbing maintenance
Window cleaning
Façade treatment
Window cleaning
Painting preparation
Anyone want to guess what Sozzy is up too?
My guess: He was volunteering to point aircraft in the direction of Perth International.  Such a helpful guy when he's up high.
MJ moves by Skywalker
Nathan putting on his TV face.