SkyWalker Rope Access has worked on many of the significant projects you see around Perth / Western Australia.  Our 100% safety record and benchmarked compliance tested approach makes SkyWalker the leading choice of Project Managers, Builders, Architects, Facility Managers, Developers, and Property Managers.

Perth Arena - Facade Construction

This was a HUGE project for SkyWalker and we are proud of our involvement with the Perth Arena.  It was a complex and detailed construction project that involved intense problem solving and planning

  • Façade panel installation with a team of 14 working for over 14 months
  • Installation of mechanical curtain rail system inside
  • Installation of lightning rod conductor system on facade

32 St Georges Terrace - Demolition

Delta Demolition - This was a VERY exciting job oxy cutting 2m diameter pipes hanging in the services shaft. Starting from the ground cutting off 3m high sections and letting them drop to the ground working our way up the building stripping out the shaft all the way to level 15

KPMG - Neon Sign Construction

  • Sky sign installation and maintenance
  • Glazing for Annapurna, replacement of broken windows
  • Tender pending for window clean and anchor recertification contract

Perth Wildcats - Flying Mascot

SkyWalker have teamed up with the Perth Wildcats and have been teaching the familiar furry face of Wilbur to abseil.  You can see him fly at the next Wildcats home game in the Perth Arena.

140 William - Glass installation

140 William has proven to be one of the most interesting rope access jobs we have engaged.  

  • After hours glazing project, including hauling large pieces of glass up 17 stories, cross hauling glass across elevations and working at night in all conditions.  This proved to be a very well planned and executed job.
  • Complex water leaks and roof carpentry

Queens Riverside / Fraser Suites

  • Height safety design, fabrication, and installations including custom built outriggers, ladders, catwalk etc.
  • Full façade Construction Clean
  • Flashing installation and water leak repairs
  • Full facade defect reports for client before construction completion
  • Large billboard installation

Brookfield Place

  • Construction facade and internal clean for Brookfield Multiplex, 9 men Oct 2011
  • Bhpbilliton sign installation
  • Various construction jobs for Brookfield Multiplex; Glazing, water leak repairs, roof plumbing mechanical installations, height safety installs, lift shaft maintenance, various aid climbing and difficult rigging.
  • Regularly engaged on a clean by clean basis for maintenance window cleaning at around the complex

Equus Apartments

  • A wide range of construction tasks; aid climbing whilst installing anchor points as we traversed around the inside of the lift shaft, to then drop down and seal any holes, completing its fire rating.
  • Installation of height safety all around the building
  • Painting and patch work
  • Assisting crane with installation of fins
  • Installing Alpolic façade panels

Scitech / Westcity - Dome maintenance

Question: you've got over 150 lightbulbs on a giant steel dome that need to be changed, but you can't build a scaffold underneath as the roof won't support it; what do you do? SkyWalker's elite team of abseilers are experienced in difficult rigging, so problem solving this high profile job at Scitech was a breeze.

108 St Georges Tce - Bankwest

Window cleaning

Allendale Square - Glazing

Replacing glass 30 storeys up is something SkyWalker specializes in. On this particular job however we realised that during removal of the existing window the glaziers inside could be at risk of falling out.

Our solution was to install temporary fall arrest anchors inside the office for our friends at Imperial Glass to connect to while assisting during the removal process.

Fremantle Maritime Museum

Height safety supervision for painters during the painting of the roof

40 The Esplanade, Wesfarmers House - Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Ernst & Young

SkyWalker currently provide all rope access services for this stunning building adjacent to Perth Convention Centre; including glazing, window cleaning, and maintenance. 

Riverview Church

SkyWalker has developed multiple height systems at Riverview Church for different events, including their weekly youth games, "flying" Santa across stage for a Christmas show, and abseiling their senior minister for a video sermon.

Raine Square

 Construction on glass canopy "tree" features in the courtyard. Construction clean on the tower for Probuild

1 William St

Engineers façade inspection

Element Apartments, 996 Hay St

Render repairs

Dynons plaza 915 Hay St

Construction clean, confined space sealing a service shaft

Hyatt Hotel

Perspex panel replacement on canopy, window cleaning, internal wall clean

Fairlanes Apartments

Window cleaning, sealing, building and installing flashings and finishing façade panels

Elevation Apartments

Construction window clean

Zenith Apartments

  • Installation of anchor system around building, including traversing under a large overhanging section, installing, testing and certifying anchors as we went
  • Large amount of patching and painting
  • Construction window cleaning
  • Glazing and sunshade installation


Neon sign refurbishment - Replacement of all old perishing plastic neon stands with new glass stands


  • Neon sign inspection and development of sign backing pans replacement methodology
  • Painting tests behind neon sign, trialling an attempt to cover buckling panels

8-10 The Esplanade

Confined space entry plumbing repairs fixing leaking toilet lines and completed a compliance inspection on all plumbing systems.


Installation of air-conditioning air vent intake:  External glass removed, a hole cut in the precast concrete panel by drilling holes through panel and linking them up with a demo saw cut from both sides. Knocked block out and linked air conditioning air duct to new exterior vent.  Cut toughened glass, reinstalled reduced piece and Sealed

Central Park (St George Bank Building)

Inspection and repairs to the St George Neon sign, re-certification of all height safety system and equipment


  • Façade Construction clean
  • CLOUGH neon sign inspection report and subsequent maintenance


Abseil façade engineer’s inspection, followed by repairs to the façade.

225 St Georges Terrace

BHP sign removal and façade paint, façade engineer inspection, static line installation, façade repairs, window clean, height safety system safety audit, rope access outrigger design and build.